Top 10 Neff Cooker Hood Filter UK – Range Hood Filters

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1. Spares2go

SPARES2GO Cooker Hood Carbon Grease Filter Kit for Neff Kitchen Extractor Fan Vent

Spares2go - All filters included are flame retardant. Fits models: all major models of Neff cooker hood - simply cut to size for great results. Product features: 2 x grease indicator filters 47cm x 57cm Cut to size -- 1 x Carbon filter 47cm x 57cm Cut to size. Carbon and grease filter service kit made for SPARES2GO to fit Neff Cooker Hood / Kitchen Vent Extractors.
Weight0.18 kg (0.4 Pounds)
Part Number01-CHF-0417


SPARES2GO Vent Extractor Metal Mesh Filter for NEFF Cooker Hood Vent 250 x 310 mm

SPARES2GO - Plus more models in product description. And models: d8602s0gb/04, d8602w0gb/05, d8602s0gb/05, d8602w0gb/06, d8608c0/04, d8602s0gb/06, d8602v0/01, d8602w0/05, d8602u0gb/01, d8608c0/03, d8602w0/03, d8602v0gb/01, d8608c0/05, d8612n0gb/01, d8602w0/07, d8602u0gb/04, d8602w0gb/04, d8608c0/01, d8602w0gb/01, d8602v0gb/04, d8608c0/02, d8602v0gb/03, d8602u0gb/03, d8602w0/01, d8602u0/01, d8602w0/04, d8612n0/01, d8602w0/08, d8602w0gb/03, d8642N0GB/01.

And models: d8662n0/01, d8902n0gb/03, d8900w0gb/01, d8902n0/06, d8902n0gb/01, d8712n0gb/01, d8902s0/03, d8702n0gb/06, d8902j0/05, d8902j0/03, d8902n0gb/05, d8742n0gb/01, d8900w0gb/02, d8900n0gb/01, d8902j0/04, d8902j0/01, d8902n0/03, d8702n0gb/08, d8902n0/05, d8762n0gb/01, d8662n0/02, d8662n0gb/01, d8900s0gb/01, d8902n0gb/04, d8702n0gb/01, d8902n0gb/06, d8902s0/01, d8902n0/01, d8712n0/01, d8902n0/04, d8902S0/04. Fits models: d66b20n0gb/01, d8602s0/01, d8602j0/01, d8602n0gb/04, d8602n0/04, d66b20s0gb/01, d8602j0/03, d8602s0/03, d8002n0gb/01, d8602n0gb/05, d8602n0/01, d66b20n0gb/01, d8602n0gb/01, d76m35n0gb/01, d8002n0/02, d8602n0gb/06, d8602n0gb/03, d8602s0/04, d8602n0/03, d79m35n0gb/01, d8602j0/05, d8602s0gb/01, d8012n0gb/01, d8602s0/07, d8602n0/07, d8602s0/05, d8602n0/05, d8602j0/04, d8002n0/01, d8602S0GB/03.

And models: d8902s0/05, d8902u0/03, d8902w0/07, d8902w0gb/01, d8902w0gb/05, d8902u0/05, d8908c0/05, d8902s0gb/05, d8902w0/05, d8902w0gb/06, d8902s0gb/04, d8902w0gb/03, d8908c0/03, d8902w0/03, d8902w0/04, d8902u0/01, d8908c0/02, d8902s0gb/01, d8902s0/06, d8902w0/06, d8902v0/05, d8902v0/03, d8902w0gb/04, d8902s0gb/03, d8902w0/01, d8908c0/01, d8908c0gb/01, d8902s0gb/06, d8902v0/01, d8902v0/04, d8908c0gb/02 . 250 x 310 mm aluminium mesh filter made for SPARES2GO to fit Neff Cooker Hood / Kitchen Vent Extractors.
Part Number09-DVF-289

3. Qualtex

Pack of 2, Universal Cooker Hood Grease Filters

Qualtex - Fits many of makes - hotpoint - Beko _ Zanussi - Electrolux - Bosch - Neff - etc. Includes saturation indicator that changes colour to red from clear when it is time to change the filter. Qualtex universal 2 pack of cooker extractor hood filters. Size 47cm x 57cm and can be cut to size. Fully flame retardant to comply with British standards.
Height1 cm (0.39 Inches)
Length10 cm (3.94 Inches)
Width10 cm (3.94 Inches)
Part NumberQUAFIL132.VEN

4. Spares2go

Spares2go Universal Cooker Hood Grease & Odour Filter Kit for Kitchen Extractor Fan Vent 2 Grease + 1 Odour Filter

Spares2go - Fits models: all major brands and models of cooker hood - simply cut to size for great results. Grease and odour filter service kit made for SPARES2GO to fit all major Cooker Hood / Kitchen Vent Extractors. All filters included are flame retardant. Product features: 2 x grease indicator filters 47cm x 57cm Cut to size -- 1 x Odour filter 47cm x 57cm Cut to size.
Weight0.18 kg (0.4 Pounds)
Part Number01-CHF-0312

5. Spares2go

Spares2go Carbon Charcoal Filter for Neff Cooker Hoods/Kitchen Vents Pack of 2

Spares2go - Fits models: d8600n0gb/01, d8602n0gb/05, t1213x0/01, d8902n0gb/05, d8602n0gb/03, d8712n0/01, d8902n0gb/06, d8012n0gb/01, d8902n0gb/01, d8602n0gb/03, d8602s0/03, d8602n0gb/04, dfx41, d8602n0/07, d8712n0gb/01, d8602s0/01, k5654x0gb/34, d8602n0gb/01, d8602n0/03, d8602n0gb/04, d8602n0gb/05, d8602n0gb/07, d8602n0gb/06, d8602j0/01, d8602n0gb/01, d8602n0/06, d8602j0/03, d8602n0/01, d8602J0/04, d8902s0gb/01, d8600n0gb/01, d8602s0gb/06, d8912n0gb/01, d8602n0gb/07, d8602n0/04, .

And models: d8602s0/04, d8602w0gb/04, d8602u0gb/01, d8702n0gb/01, d8602w0/01, d8602s0gb/04, d8602v0gb/01, d8602w0/03, d8602u0gb/03, d8602s0gb/05, d8602v0gb/03, d8602w0/06, d8602s0gb/06, d8602w0/08, d8602w0gb/03, d8602v0/01, d8702n0gb/07, d8602u0/01, d8602s0gb/03, d8602s0gb/01, d8602w0/07, d8602u0gb/04, d8602w0gb/05, d8602w0gb/01, d8702n0gb/08, d8602s0/07, d8612n0/01, d8602s0/06, d8602w0/04, d8702n0gb/06, d8602v0gB/04, d8612n0gb/01, d8602w0gb/06, d8602s0gb/07, d8602w0gb/07, . And: models: d8712n0/01, d8902w0/06, d8902u0/01, d8902n0gb/01, d8902n0/01, d8902s0/01, d8902s0/03, d8902j0/05, d8712n0gb/01, d8902n0/04, d8902w0/07, d8902n0gb/05, d8902s0gb/01, d8902v0/03, d8902s0/04, d8902s0/06, d8902n0gb/04, d8902s0/05, d8902n0/03, d8902w0/04, d8902n0gb/06, d8902w0/03, d8902n0gb/03, d8902n0/06, d8902s0gb/04, d8902u0/05, d8902n0/05, d8902v0/04, d8902j0/03, d8902w0/05, d8902u0/03, d8902s0gb/06, d8902j0/04, d8902w0/01, d8902s0gb/03, d8902v0/01, d8902j0/01, d8902v0/05, .

And models: d8902w0gb/01, d8902w0gb/05, d8902w0gb/04, d8902w0gb/06, d8912n0/01, d8902w0gb/03, d8908c0/01, d8908c0gb/03, d8908c0gb/02, d8908c0gb/01, d8908c0/03, d8908c0/02, d8908c0/05, d8912n0GB/01. Replacement charcoal carbon filters made for Spares2go to fit Neff Kitchen Vent / Cooker Hoods Pack of 2 **Please check models before purchasing**.
Weight1 kg (2.2 Pounds)
Part Number019-DVF-525

6. Clay Roberts

Clay Roberts Grease Cooker Hood Filters, Vent Filters for All Cooker Hoods, Pack of 2, Cut to Size

Clay Roberts - Fits all cooker hoods, each sheet measures 57cm x 47cm, simply cut to desired size. Grease cooker Hood Filters, Pack of 2. Flame retardant in accordance to British Standards. Suitable for domestic and professional environments. Grease saturation indicators and odour prevention.
BrandClay Roberts
ManufacturerClay Roberts
Weight0.1 kg (0.21 Pounds)
Part NumberCLY
ModelGrease Cooker Hood Filters,

7. Unknown

Genuine NEFF Cooker Hood Grease Filter Pack of 6 452151

Unknown - Manufacturer's code – 452151. Replacement grease Filter For Your Neff cooker hood. This is a genuine Neff product.
Part Number452151

8. Filterwise

Hotpoint, Grease and Carbon Set Cooker Hood Filter, Cut to Size, Vent Filters for Bosch, Candy, Stoves and More, Neff

Filterwise - Carbon and grease filter service Kit to fit all major Cooker Hood / Kitchen Vent Extractors. Fits models: all major brands and models of cooker hood - simply cut to size. Product features: 1 x grease indicator filter 47cm x 114cm Cut to size to make 2 filters -- 1 x Carbon filter 47cm x 57cm Cut to size. Flame retardant according to British Standards - Biodegradable - Chlorine free bleached, Absorbs cooking odours.
Part NumberFW-CH-02


Fits the following makes HOTPOINT BOSCH NEFF ZANUSSI CANDY WHIRLPOOL INDESIT ELECTROLUX BELLING SMEG BAUMATIC UNIVERSAL Value Concepts, Complete Cooker Hood Vent Extractor Filter Set includes 2x Grease Filters & 1x Carbon Charcoal Odour Removal Filter

UNIVERSAL - Cut to size grease filter 114cm x 47cm Cut to size charcoal filter 57 x 47cm Suitable for: Universal cooker hoods.
Height2 cm (0.79 Inches)
Length50 cm (19.69 Inches)
Width40 cm (15.75 Inches)
Part Numberflt2178 14CH01

10. AquaHouse

2X AquaHouse Compatible Activated Carbon Filter for Cooker Hoods by Bosch Neff Siemens Constructa Balay 00360732, 360732 Charcoal Filter, 00357585

AquaHouse - Compatible with: bosch 360732, dhz5105, dhz5180, dhz5185, 00360732, drz94uc, 00357585, dhz5186, dke645e/01 dke955mbr/01 dke965mbr/01 dke965mbr/02 dke965mbr/03 DKE995EBR/01 & more. All trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.

Please check the filter references, and dimensions carefully to confirm compatibility with your hood as some filters look very similar. Compatible with: constructa cz5116X5, CZ5119X5. Balay 3bd663x, lz51851, 00357585, lz51800, 00360732, 3BD899XP.22 pack: aquahouse ah-chf05 activated carbon filters compatible with certain cooker hoods by siemens, 00360732, GAGGENAU & PITSOS which use cooker hood filter references: 360732, NEFF, bosch, product photos, baLAY, constructa, 00357585 & more.

Compatible with: gaggenau aa260112, aa269812/01. Aquahouse branded filters, Aquahouse is a registered trademark. Compatible with: pitsos 4meb90/01, 4meb60/01. Compatible with: siemens 360732, lz51150, lz51550, bd693x, 3bd896xp, 3bd673x, 3bd876xp, 3bd894xp, 3bd874xp, lz51850 & more. Please note this a compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.
Part NumberAH-CHF05-2PK