Top 9 Replacement oven bulb glass cover UK – Oven Lighting

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1. Replacement for Rangemaster

Fits Many Models Of Rangemaster Built In And Free Standing Ovens, Overall Height/Depth 35mm, Replacement Oven Bulb Glass Cover/Lens, Thread Diameter 33mm

Replacement for Rangemaster - Genuine original Lamp Light Bulb Cover Protector. Suitable for the following rangemaster models: professional 110 5439, 5661, 5578, 5667, 5576, 5658, 5579, 5670, 5611, 5657, 5664, 5577, 5578, 5576, 5579, 5656, 5577, 5674.

Genuine lamp light Bulb Cover Protector for Rangemaster. Fits many makes and models of built in and free standing ovens Such as Bosch, Homark, Caple, Cuisina, Belling, Indesit, Cannon, Jackson, Hotpoint, Creda, Siemens. This can fit ovens sold by different manufacturers and brands such as Bosch, Indesit, Cannon, Hotpoint, Homark, Cuisina, Jackson, Belling, Caple, Creda, Siemens.
BrandReplacement for Rangemaster
ManufacturerPH Distribution

2. Replacement for Zanussi, AEG, Electrolux

Fits Many Models of Zanussi, Electrolux Built in and Free Standing Ovens, PH Distribution Replacement Oven Bulb Glass Cover/Lens, Overall Height/Depth 35mm, AEG, Thread Diameter 33mm

Replacement for Zanussi, AEG, Electrolux - Ph distribution replacement oven bulb glass cover/lens, thread diameter 33mm, AEG, Electrolux Built In And Free Standing Ovens, Fits Many Models Of Zanussi, Overall Height/Depth 35mm.
BrandReplacement for Zanussi, AEG, Electrolux
Part Number559_SML

3. Spares2go

SPARES2GO Lamp Glass Cover Bulb Housing Compatible with Howdens Lamona LAM3211 LAM3702 LAM3702-1 Oven Cooker

Spares2go - Fits models: lam3211, lam3702, laM3702-1. Premium quality, fully compatible replacement / spare part. Spares2go lamp bulb cover housing compatible with Howdens Lamona Oven Cooker.
Part Number03-OWP-674

4. B4U

Overall Height 40mm, Homark, Hotpoint, Caple, Siemens and More, Indesit, Thread Diameter 33mm, Creda, Baumatic, Belling, Oven Bulb Glass Cover, Cannon, Fits Many Ovens Such as Bosch, Smeg, Cuisina

B4U - Fits models: bk2355ss, b2-ora-e, e299wh, xou174si, kn7076e, b8980w, kn274w, bt2385ss, b9000al1, b8980al, gorenje b1-ora-e, gin4703w, 787bk, b50ep, b8975w, e2703w, xou179, 787ss, e274w, b8955w, bt2355ss, b9000al, b8980e, b3360e, b8975e, bt2365tcss, belling 294bk, b9000bk, bk2365ss, xou174wh, 786bk, 295ss, hec50pp, 294ss, hec50ep, bk2385ss, B50PP1, b50pp, bt2365ss, ec2000p2, b50ep1, b3360al, b8955bk, kn7074e, b8975bk, b3350e, b9000e, b2000p2, b8955e, 295bk, b7460w, 786ss, b7460e, b7462e, Homeking.

Take safety precautions when repairing all appliances. Genuine oven light bulb cover protector for bosch, Gorenje, Baumatic Belling, New World Oven and others.

Thread diameter is 33mm and length 40mm, this replacement oven bulb glass cover can fit the ovens sold by different manufacturers and brands. Replaced the original lens cover 33mm thread diameter which had cracked. Repairs to gas appliances should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Made of strong glass. Please make sure you check the size before order.
Part NumberUK01OBL

5. Spares2go

SPARES2GO Screw In Glass Lamp Bulb Lens Cover + Removal Tool + 40w Light Bulb for Bosch Oven Cooker

Spares2go - The lamp cover protects the lamp from high heat and food splatters. Lamp is perfect replacement if the one in your appliance has blown. Fits models: b1421nogb/01, hba43b260b/01, hba43r150b/01, hba13b251b/01, hbn131550b/01, hbn131520b/01, hbm13b160b/01, hbm43b260b/45, hbn131521b/02, hbm56b550b/08, hbn131520b/04, hbm13b160b/08, hba13b251b/10, hbm43b260b/08, hba13b253b/01, hbm13b251b/08, hbm43b260b/35, hba58b650b/01, hba43b250b/01, hbm43b250b/08, hba53b550b/01, hba43b251b/01, hbm43b250b/01, hbn131521b/01, hbm56b550b/01, hbm13b251b/01, hbm43b260b/01, hbn131520b/03, hbm13b150b/01, hba13b253b/02, hba53b520b/01, hba13b261b/01, .

And: hbn131550b/02, hbn13m521b/01, hbn131561b/02, hbn13m250b/10, hbn131551b/02, hbn13n521b/01, hbn13m560b/03, hbn13m220b/01, hbn1315510b/01, hbn13b261b/01, hbn13n550b/03, hbn13n550b/01, hbn13m250b/03, hbn131560b/03, hbn13n520b/01, hbn13n520b/03, hbn131551b/01, hbn13b251b/01, hbn131560b/01, hbn13m260b/03, hbn13m561b/10, hbn13m550b/01, hbn13m260b/01, hbn13m551b/01, hbn13m250b/01, hbn131561b/01, hbn13n521b/10, hbn13m551b/10, hbn13m550b/03, hbn131560b/02, hbn136551b/02, hbn13b221b/01, bn13n551b/01. This premium quality kit contains both lamp, cover and removal tool. And: hbn13n551b/10, hbn410agb/02, hbn13n560b/01, hbn3220gb/01, hbn3550gb/01, hbn2621/02, hbn430520b/03, hbn3500gb/02, hbn2620/02, hbn3660gb/01, hbn430550b/02, hbn3520gb/01, hbn410agb/01, hbn412agb/02, hbn430550b/01, hbn13n561b/01, hbn2650/02, hbn3550gb/02, hbn215v/01, hbn3560gb/01, hbn2651/02, hbn430521b/01, hbn331s0b/45, hbn3650gb/01, hbn430520b/01, hbn2600/02, hbn13n561b/10, hbn3500gb/01, hbn3250gb/06, hbn331s0b/46, hbn430520b/02, hbn430520a/01, hbn13n560b/03, hbn2601/02, hbn430520a/02, .

Screw in glass lamp bulb lens light cover with auxiliary Removal Tool and 40w Light Bulb made for SPARES2GO to fit Bosch Oven Cooker. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturers have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer. This product is designed to be compatible with bosch machines and is not the original part.
Part Number09-DVF-12326


Utiz Oven Lamp Glass Light Bulb with Cover & Removal Tool For Bosch Neff Siemens

UTIZ - Also models: u1410w0gb/02, u1442n0gb/10, u1422w0gb/01, u1420c0gb/01, u1421s2gb/02, u1422b0gb/03, u1422n0gb/10, u1441w0gb/01, u1422w0gb/02, u1410w0gb/06, u1421n2gb/05, u1420b0gb/02, u1442n0gb/03, u1422w0gb/03, u1422b0gb/02, u1442b0gb/10, u1421n0gb/06, u1420w0gb/02, u1422n0gb/02, u1442b0gb/03, u1422n0gb/01, u1422s0gb/10, u1420v0gb/01, u1421n2gb/01, u1442s0gb/01, u1422s0gb/03, u1421n0gb/01, u1422n0gb/03, u1442n0gb/01, u1420w0gb/05, u1422w0gb/10, u1420n0gb/01, u1421b2gb/02, u1410w0gb/05, u1442S0GB.

To fit the following build-in ovens: b1142n0gb/04, b1421n0gb/06, b1322n0gb/03, b1322s0gb/01, b1421n2gb/01, b1421n2gb/05, b1142n0gb/10, b1322w1gb/01, b1322s0gb/03, b1420w0gb/05, b1322n0gb/01, b12m42n0gb/01, b1320n2gb/05, b1412n0gb/03, b1322n1gb/01, b1412n0gb/10, b1322s1gb/01, b1421b0gb/01, B1421W2GB/02.1

1 x oven bulb 1 x glass lamp cover 1 x Removal Tool from Utiz, a premium replacement for your build in oven. Feel free to check our store inventory, we have a wide selection of products that can be ideal for your business or exactly what you need at home. Now utiz introduced this new version for the alternative part: BSH647309 and BSH613634.
Part NumberT45C89B77

7. Spares2go

SPARES2GO Lamp Glass Cover Bulb Housing Compatible with Zanussi Oven Cooker

Spares2go - Spares2go lamp bulb cover Housing compatible with Zanussi Oven Cooker. And models: zcv550g1xa, zob10401xk, zoa35972xk, zcv69360wa, zoa35802xd, zoa35676wk, zcv65311xa, zcv65011wa, zoa35802bk, zoa35471xk, zob10501xa, zoa35722xv, zoa35752xd, zcv65201wa, zcv69360xa, zoa35679wk, zob10401xu, zoa35722xu, zob10401wu, zob10411xu, zcv67001wa, zcv65301wa, zcv550h1wa, zoa35675xk, zob12401wk, zoa35972bk, zob12401xu, zoa35502xd, zcv55321wa, zoa35675wk, zob12401xk, zoa35676xk, zcv56gml, zcv55341wa, zcv69360ba, zoB131XU.

And models: zob31301wk, zob35632xu, zob31471wk, zob35301bk, zob35701xu, zob35481xa, zob35701xk, zob35702bu, zob35471wk, zob31301xk, zob35481xk, zob32702xd, zob35772xu, zob35905xu, zob35481xc, zob33701pr, zob33701cr, zob35602xu, zob35302xa, zob35302xk, zob32702wk, zob33701mr, zob35471bk, zob35772xd, zob35301xe, zob35302xe, zob35723xu, zob343x, zob35301wk, zob35602xk, zob35632xa, zob35301xk, zob35722xu, zob35471xk, zob31471xk, zob35906XU. Fits models: opzb2300c, zcg510g1xa, zck242g1wa, zcg510h1xa, zcm540g1wa, zcg61281xa, zck652j1wa, zcg210u1wa, zcv55001wa, zce540j1wa, zcg212g1xa, zcv540l1wa, zcm550g1wa, zce550g1wa, opzb2300r, zck652h1wa, zcv540g1wa, zcg212j1xa, zck552g1wa, zce540g1wa, zck553g1xa, zcv540n1wa, zcg210h1wa, zce540m1wa, zck552g1xa, zcg61281wa, zce540h1wa, zcg510h1wa, zcm653h1wa, zck59201xa, zck242g1xa, zck553g1wa, zcg510g1wa, zcg610h1wa, zce65201wa, zcv550G1WA.

And models: zob140x, zob21601xk, zob21301lr, zob21601xu, zob22601bu, zob25801xu, zob20701xa, zob25702xa, zob142w, zob22801xu, zob143x, zob30601xk, zob21601xv, zob20601xu, zob20601xk, zob21301cr, zob21301xk, zob22701xu, zob21301bu, zob22601wu, zob22601wk, zob30601wu, zob30601wk, zob25601xk, zob22601xk, zob20301xu, zob25601xu, zob21301xa, zob20302xu, zob142x, zob25602xu, zob22301xa, zob20311xu, zob22601xu, zob25602xk, zob22601bk, zob30601XU.
Part Number03-OWP-669

8. Qualtex

Qualtex Replacement High Temperature Lamp Bulb 40w and Lens Glass for Bosch Neff/Siemens Cooker Ovens Plus Free Removal Tool

Qualtex - Please note this part is a non genuine compatible spare part manufactured for masterpart. Fits many models built by bosch, Neff & Siemens, Equivalent to part number 647309. High quality light bulb 40w with up to 300°C heat resist, glass lens cover with outer lugs and a quick removal tool for effortless removal. Oven light set comes with high temperature lamp, heavy duty glass lens cover and an easy to use glass removal tool. Qualtex premium high temperature lamp bulb & Lens Glass Set for Bosch Neff & Siemens Cooker Ovens + Free Removal Tool.
Part NumberEBYCS174-LP06

9. DL-pro

DL-pro Lamp glass 41 mm diameter for Gorenje 639157 lamp cover lamp dome glass glass hood for oven lamp lamp bulb oven stove

DL-pro - Kc. E9. K7. Please compare the appropriate devices in the pictures. B1. G2. G1. U7. Et. B0 Ei. Bc. B9. Ep. M3. Mz. Pb. U3. Mn. B8. Ek. Suitable for the following devices gorenje: ec. E7. U2. Screw-in dome suitable for gorenje 639157 │ for a full list of appliances to match the product, please refer to the gallery. N/k2. B5. Ee. Kn. U8. K1. E5. Fu. Fb. K9. E1. El. Dl-pro premium quality – the professional brand for spare parts and accessories around the house. B3. K3. E2.
Part Number639157